Filing your own divorce

Filing your own divorce, Ohio Dissolution Forms

Filing your own divorce

People can file for divorce in Ohio themselves and without a lawyer. This is known as “pro se” or representing oneself.

The Problem With Divorce Kits

Many divorce kits and online divorce forms do not include all the legal language that is uniquely required in Ohio. They are often rejected by Courts.

The forms are only as good as the information that is imputed. If you put in the wrong information the wrong thing will come out- a computer does not know the difference.

Your questions are not answered.  If something goes wrong there is no one to help.

The Limits of Court Provided Forms

Court forms can often be confusing.  You can be unsure about what comes next and are worried that you haven’t done your papers right.  Filing your own divorce can be a frustrating process.

You may not fill out the forms properly or you have forgotten something that is required. Your papers may be rejected by the Court.

If they are rejected you probably will not have it fully explained why they were rejected and will be told to get a lawyer. Court employees are not generally allowed to give legal advice and they can only answer certain questions.

Filing your own divorce- With the Help of a Lawyer!

To properly prepare papers and greatly reduce the cost of a dissolution of marriage or divorce:

  • A lawyer and client can agree that the lawyer will only perform certain services such as the drafting of forms and papers.
  • This approach gives the client proper advice and the answering of questions.
  • Forms are properly prepared and complete, and not rejected by the court.
  • Unique problems or issues of the client are addressed.
  • The client saves time and money, and is not frustrated in trying to figure out how to do court forms or to learn about court procedures.

You can file your own divorce or dissolution of marriage but do it with the help of a lawyer at a reasonable cost!