Ohio Divorce Forms- Making Sure That They Are Complete and Correct

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Ohio Divorce Forms

Ohio Divorce Forms should be complete and include all the requirements of Ohio Law. Divorce papers should be properly prepared.  They should use all the language that Ohio courts require.

Documents Required in an Uncontested Divorce in Ohio

The Complaint for Divorce.

  • It sets forth: the name and addresses of the parties (the party filing for the divorce being the Plaintiff and the spouse being the Defendant);
  • the date and place of the marriage;
  • the names and dates of birth of any minor children of the parties and whether the wife is now pregnant;
  • that the Plaintiff has lived in the State of Ohio for more than six months prior to the filing of the complaint;
  • that there has been residency in the County for 90 days;
  • that the Plaintiff is seeking a divorce; the basis for the divorce is usually incompatibility or living separate for more than one year.  There are other grounds such as gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty, but these other grounds are normally not used in uncontested divorces.
  • and what the Plaintiff is seeking—for example a reasonable division of the marital property, spousal support, custody or shared parenting if there are minor children.

A Waiver to be signed by the Defendant.  This is a statement where the spouse says that have received the divorce papers.  The spouse says that they have agreed to the terms of the divorce.  The spouse also says that they agree that the case can be set for final hearing.

The Separation Agreement.  This document says what is happening to all property, assets and debts.  It the basis of the final divorce Order.

Some courts require that you fill out a Financial Affidavit(s).  This is so the Court can see the value of items and the income of each party.  The Affidavit is used to see if the divorce is fair.  See the page on financial affidavits for more explanation.

For the final divorce hearing– Judgment Entry: Decree of Divorce.

(If your spouse will not sign the Ohio Divorce Forms, there will be no Waiver and no Separation Agreement.  The spouse will have to served with the Divorce Complaint by the Clerk of Courts.  All of the terms of the divorce will have to be put in the final Judgment Entry.  For more information, read the section “if a spouse won’t sign”.)

There Are Additional Ohio Divorce Forms Which Are Required When There Are Minor Children:

  • The Parenting Plan.  This gives custody to one parent or is a Shared Parenting Plan.
  • The Ohio Child Support Worksheet.  This form sets forth the income of the parties and the amount of child support if any.
  • The Parenting Proceeding Affidavit.  This form says where and with whom the children have lived for the past five years.
  • The Medical Insurance Affidavit.  This form says whether private health insurance is available to each parent and if so, at what cost.
  • The Application for Child Support Services.  This form provides information to the Child Support Enforcement Agency of the County about the parents and the children.  It is required whether or not there is child support.

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Peace of Mind

For peace of mind there is no substitute for the advice and assistance of a trained and experienced Ohio Divorce Lawyer.  And at a reasonable cost!

(For the Ohio Supreme Court divorce forms: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/JCS/CFC/DRForms/)