Shared Parenting Plan Clauses

The Ohio Shared Parenting Plan can include clauses on:

  • SHARING OF EXPENSES- especially where there is no child support Order, whether the parents are equally sharing, are sharing in proportion to their income, or whether one parent is responsible for such expenses as clothing, school fees and school activities.
  • LIFE INSURANCE- that each parent shall name the minor child(ren), until emancipation of a child, as equal beneficiaries on any life insurance policy available through the employment of the parent.
  • PUBLIC OR NON-PUBLIC SCHOOLING- this clause sets forth that when both parties choose to enroll the child(ren) in non-public schooling, how they will split the cost of all school, tuition and related expenses.  In the event that the parties do not agree to enroll the child(ren) in non-public schooling, then the party making this decision shall be responsible for all school, tuition and related expenses in connection with non-public schooling.
  • RELIGION- this is a clause in which the parents agree to consult each other as to the appropriate religious education and training for their child(ren).  Neither parent shall attempt to modify the children’s religious practices without consulting with the other or the Court.
  • DISCIPLINE- this is a clause in which the parents agree to consult with each other regarding consistent and appropriate forms of discipline.
  • POST HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION- Normally the obligation to support a child ends at age eighteen and the completion of high school.  But parents can specifically agree and contract with one another to pay for post high school education and set forth in their agreement the terms and conditions of such support.
  • MEDIATION- this is a clause which requires the parents to engage in co-parenting counseling or mediation to resolve any disputes that arise.

Written by ronruskan